The Idea


Ugh! Another food blog, I know but this blog isn’t for you. It is a challenge for me, and also a place where friends, family and strangers can lurk… who knows you might find something entertaining!

Some background…

I have a problem, I hoard cookbooks. I have dozens of them in my small apartment kitchen. I have picture after picture on my phone of the titles I want to buy next. I frequently go into Barnes & Noble just to salivate over the cookbook section. I HAVE A PROBLEM.

This blog is my solution!

It isn’t like I don’t use my cookbooks, I just read them like novels. Tearing through the pages I try to catalog the recipes into my memory by ingredient, hoping that I will remember an inspiring idea the next time I go food shopping.

So the idea here is to cook through my collection of books! Why make it public? Accountability! I have at least one friend *cough, cough Marisa** who has begged me to make a cooking blog. I post a lot of tasty dinners on social media and my friends always seem to be amazed by my culinary abilities. If I don’t make it public and shame myself for not posting new content, I will never cook my way through my cookbooks.

So what is the content going to be…exactly?

I’ve decided to break it down in 3 categories.

  1. Cookbook Corner – I will choose a cookbook of the month and post recipes from my cookbook collection. This may involve step by step videos of real-time cooking!
  2. Kitchen Disasters – I’d like to collect stories of kitchen failures from friends and family, it is always encouraging to read hilarious stories of how everyone fails in the kitchen.
  3. Fridge Challenge – AKA “I think I’ll just order pizza, oh wait payday isn’t until next week.” This is the classic home cooked version of Chopped. How to create a gourmet meal out of a can of tuna and some hot sauce packets!

So whether you are my family and friends (love you) or just a random internet stranger welcome! I hope you enjoy The Cookbook Corner for what it is!

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